This is day one of a two-day workshop, offering comprehensive training in CBT for traumatised populations with a strong grounding in current theory and research. The workshops will demonstrate how to work effectively with different traumatised populations, and addresses the impact of psychological trauma on memory and psychological development, as well as its social consequences. Thus it will enable participants to develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles of treating traumatic reactions and to select from, and skilfully execute a wide range of appropriate treatment strategies.

Training is skills based, giving participants the opportunity to practice techniques in the treatment of traumatised clients.

Lunch is not included.

Delivered by Carol Gallagher, who has been a qualified and practicing therapist for the past 10 years, and working full time in private practice for the previous two years.
Carol has had the pleasure of undertaking Post Graduate studies in CBT for Psychological Trauma at the University of Oxford and had the pleasure of studying under some of the UK's most prominent lecturers, researchers, practitioners and authors of CBT and Psychological Trauma, namely Dr Helen Kennerley, Martina Mueller, Alison Croft, Dr Patrick Smith and Dr Kerry Young.

To attend, please email ben@centreoftherapy.org.uk

Trauma CPD - Workshop 1 - 17th September 2016 9.30am-3.30pm £75 (£65 pounds for Centre of Therapy & Counselling Studies members)

  • Neuropsychology of psychological trauma
  • Distinctions of ‘Type I’ and ‘Type II’ trauma
  • Diagnostic classifications and epidemiological characteristics of Psychological trauma
  • Using cognitive behavioural techniques to create safety and to manage self-damaging behaviours
  • Working with Flashbacks and Dissociation

Trauma CPD – Workshop 2 – TBC

  • A review of the theoretical basis and evidence-base underpinning trauma focused CBT
  • Assessment and treatment planning
  • How, when and if, to use reliving as part of treatment
  • Preparing the patient and therapist for exposure to trauma memories
  • Inserting updated information into the trauma memory
  • Using narrative approaches in the treatment of multiple or prolonged trauma
  • What to do when memories bleed into each other
  • Designing effective behavioural experiments and their application in psychological trauma to work with:-
    • Post-trauma coping styles and strategies
    • Peri-traumatic unhelpful appraisals
    • Pre-trauma pre-existing appraisals

If you wish to continue CPD on psychological trauma and if numbers allow, Carol is happy to provide workshops on psychological trauma for specific traumatised populations, such as:-

  • Children and Young People
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Trauma and Psychosis
  • Occupational Trauma (military and civilian)

Please let the Centre of Therapy & Counselling Studies know if any of the above are CPD events that you’d be interested in attending

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