The Centre of Therapy provides therapy to clients for all sorts of issues. The process is simple and starts with your call to us.

I want to receive therapy - what do I do?

Call us/email us. Our friendly staff will take some basic details from you in strictest confidentiality, and answer any questions you may have about seeing a therapist.

With your permission, these details are passed to a Counsellor or Therapist appropriate to your needs.

The Counsellor will then call you on the number given (usually within 48 hours) and arrange an appointment with you.

Appointments take place at the Centre, in one of our Therapy Rooms.

How Much Does it Cost?

 - Professional Therapists

The Centre of therapy uses a number of experienced Professional Therapists who specialise in many different areas, and can help with a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression to personality disorders and phobias. Therapists typically charge between £30 - £60 per session – this will be agreed prior to your appointment.

 - Student Counsellors - Donation Only

As we are also a training centre for Psychotherapy, we offer therapy on a donation basis through our Student Counsellors. 

As part of the Diploma Course, Student Counsellors are required to gain significant experience through providing counselling in this way. We suggest a donation of £10 per session to cover our room hire costs, or £5 if you are unemployed.

Do I have to be referred by a Doctor/Hospital?

No. You do not have to have been referred to access our services, and your treatment does not go on your medical records. We do request however, that you contact us yourself either by phone or in person. We cannot make appointments on another person’s behalf.

Membership with the Centre of Therapy
Interested in becoming a member therapist at the Centre? Click here to find out how to apply.
Meet Our Therapists
We have highly trained and skilled therapists specialising in many different forms of therapy ready to help you.